Hi! I’m Jenn!

Impact-Driven Business Mentor. High Vibe Leader. Podcast Host. Motivational Speaker. Forever a Teacher. Money Magnet.

I believe a few things:


We are all here to create massive impact in the world


Anyone, despite their past, can fully live a life in their financial and personal power


The more people you impact, the more money you make

And I teach you how to unapologetically accomplish all those things and have a lot of fun while doing it.

Teaching is my jam

I was an elementary teacher for 8 years and as someone who has always wanted to help more people, I had big plans (and 2 post-graduate degrees in leadership) to become a principal.

Once I stumbled into entrepreneurship, simply by teaching women how to finally lose weight, I realized I wasn’t living a life based on my true values:

Freedom & Fun

So I burned the boats, left my safe teaching job and now, I get to teach impact-preneurs like you the recipe for success that led me to two multiple 6-figure businesses in less than two years.

Your success will be built on:
Your fearless leadership
Strong money mindset + attraction
Owning your own intuitive strategy

You're here for a reason. Because you are meant for it all... the impact, the income, the fun. It's time for you to live in your true personal and financial power and live the life you dream of.


Client Praise

This changed my life and business. I went from $12,000 a month and I went from that to a $48,000 sell out launch and a waitlist. Jenn helped me perfect my message, get clear on my message, raise my prices and feel confident in what I was offering. Thank you Thank you Thank you!


I was clear on what I wanted to create, what I was not clear on how I was actually going to get there. I got super clear on the steps I needed going into 2021. I also had a record breaking launch!


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