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Offer Creatrix

This program is for the woman who strategically & powerfully desires to create the empire of her dreams. In this program, you will learn how to effortlessly create programs, experiences and offers that are irresistible and that people love to buy while holding the energy of BIGGER and MORE.              


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Becoming the Million Dollar Woman

October 2021, we celebrated our first million dollar YTD. Just over 9 months and $1m into our world. I pull back the curtains and show you how. We dive into not only the strategy and logistics, but the becoming of a million dollar woman. 


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   Money Moves   

 Money is an energy and it loves to move. Some women have mastered the movement and attraction of money and live in abundance. How? This is the experience where you learn how money moves and how to master the Movement of Money for you and your business.                                 


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Abundance Masterclass

We attract who and what we are as it relates to money. Attracting abundance, having an overflow of money comes down to who you are, and how you be in your natural state. In order to tap into this natural state of magnetism for massive amounts of money, we must become. This experience is for you to live in abundance as your natural state, therefore being a match for it all.                  


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Redefining Rich

Heart centered women are meant to be Rich & Wealthy. It's our birthright and now more than ever before, it's possible. This experience is where we redefine rich, align to it, and become rich beyond our wildest dreams. This is for the trail blazer, ready for big.         



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Pure Money

The rich human knows that money is pure. In order to rise, one must become fully devoted to re-wiring their beliefs, thoughts, emotions around money and strengthening their relationship to it and with it. It’s time to learn, master and embody the purity of money, as it’s paramount for true, sustainable success and richness. Richness not just financially but internally, which is what this journey of entrepreneurship is all about.    


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The Two Million

Within 22 months of business, we celebrated a big $2m milestone. This experience you are walked through the journey + the how. Good for inspiration, understanding, and igniting the $2m possibility inside of you. 



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Law of Client Attraction

This 3 day experience holds the keys to effortless attraction on social media. We explore the universal laws that govern success, branding, offer creation and selling. The vibe is fun, powerful and ease. 



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The Breakthrough

Plateaus are a normal part of business, but so is breaking through to the next level. This experience was created to give you the tools + embodiment of breaking through your plateau and into your next milestone.



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