Welcome Boss!

You're ready to be limitless.
You're ready for your true empire.
You're ready to make more money & help more people,
all while working less + living the abundant life you dream of.

You're here, so I know that you:

  • Are an alpha woman ready for more freedom, fun, and alignment.
  • Are ready for the $250,000-$750,000 year income

  • Know your potential, have the ideas but have no clue on the HOW

  • Maybe have trapped yourself into your business and you’re feeling like that next level is further and further away

  • Work in your business non-stop, and rarely have time to work ON your business, let alone, ON YOU.... so how the hell are you going to run this if you want to have kids?

  • Are a tad bit embarrassed to admit that your systems… well they’re kind of a ticking timebomb waiting to happen which is leading to fatigue + frustration 

  • Truly want a mentor that “gets you”- YOU outside of your business + you inside of your business and desire support to massively scale both

Well, thank you universe- you are in the right spot!

Welcome to Impact to Income:
The Hybrid Mastermind

The hybrid program that will take you from feeling debatably burnt out, unsure how to scale >> to >> becoming a confident CEO as you grow, execute, scale and make the money you dream of. Together, we do it all!
  • Create + leverage systems to scale
  • Monetize your strengths + zone of genius 
  • Live fully in alignment 
  • Enhance your energy + vibrations
  • Have a bulletproof money mindset set to massive success
  • Not only become a money magnet but create wealth + change generations for futures to come



This is exactly what I need!


  • How to build the life you dream of

  • How to hit those $20k, $30k, $50k, $100k months
  • How to lead + attract clients 

  • How to be massively aligned in your business + life

  • How to become the money magnet you're meant to be
  • How to strengthen your Brand, Messaging, Marketing, Strategy
  • How to create a strong product suite 
  • How to be guided by "the woo woo"
  • How to set your money mindset to massive success & start to create wealth



    Your dream life & business will become your reality as you truly live in your personal, entrepreneurial & financial POWER.

Hi! I'm Jenn Kennedy!

My business began in 2018, in my 8th year teaching, climbing up the ladder of the school system + training to become a principal. I’d spent 6.5 years and over $60,000 in intense leadership training programs (masters, doctoral level degree, principal academies) and while becoming a principal was the plan, my enneagram 8 personality decided to say bye to it all. 

See, I realized a life aligned to my true values of fun + freedom were possible for me + entrepreneurship was the vehicle to my dreams.
My intuition guided me, I took the leap.

That teaching + leadership background allowed me to scale my nutrition business to multiple 6-figures in year 1.
Sounds lovely, huh? Going from a $50k teaching to multiple 6 figures in a year. 

But it wasn’t… because I built a business trading time for money. I was running out of time. My money mindset was screaming "failure". Had no energy. Was resenting my business. I was not living that life of freedom I dreamed of. 

I did the inner work, set my money mindset to massive success. I expanded, became 100% alignedLived the 50% woo woo, 50% strategy. I built a business based on my values.

& the result was a 4x business in just a year.
I also had more energy than ever before. Was genuinely happy + fulfilled everyday. Created the life of freedom I dreamed of. Played more than I worked.

And this life can be yours too. 

The Formula to the life + business success you dream of with next level income + abundance is simple...

Strategy + Complete Alignment + Tribe + Learning + Integration 

But how
do we get there? The steps we take:

  • Analyze current life + business
  • Plan for massive growth + action
  • Program Subconscious + conscious mind to massive success
  • Manifest - yes, the woo is real...
  • Align life + business (mission, vision, values, beliefs, domino beliefs)
  • Create your product suite and how to work with clients in new + improved ways
  • Generate + Attract new revenue (Strong Sales process)
  • Marketing (or as I like to call it Perfect Frickin Marketing) + Launching on a variety of platforms
  • Optimal Growth (delegate, becoming a ceo, stronger leadership, optimization, visibility, collaborations, media)
You learn, I teach, you have endless support in the integration, you become...

So is this for you?
Are you for this?

This is for you if you say YESSS to any of these. It’s really for you if you say YESSS to all of these!

Women who join are:


  • Ready to find their tribe, their people, an amazingly driven, down to earth & supportive community to grow with 
  • So excited for in-person connection + learning 
  • Know the importance of a high-level network in growth

  • Unapologetic about calling in $200,000-$750,000 in 2021 but also know you need some teaching + mentoring for the “how”
  • Excited to build their dream life + business simultaneously this year
  • Truly ready to invest + level up this year by stepping into their highest self + living in their power

  • Dedicated to both the important inner + outer growth needed for true expansion

  • Ready as ever to have more fun

  • Business owners who have impact-driven businesses (coaches, mentors, service providers, creators… anyone who works with people + wants to work with more

Okay, I'm in... Let's chat!

So what makes this "Hybrid"?
AKA give me the details.

  1. 9 months of learning, growth & expansion
  2. 1-1 coaching + strategy calls with Jenn 
  3. 1 group teaching call a month
  4. 2 group coaching calls a month
  5. A private community rooted in the culture of growth + expansion together to go for celebrations, support, connection, feedback from your tribe + Jenn. You never know what will come up, we got you through it all!  
  6. Voxer coaching with Jenn for when things come up and you need help in the moment with just you and I.
  7. Individual google drives where you’ll have all you need throughout this program and we will add to it on our calls. Systems, docs, pre-made business templates, launch calendars, finance tracking… everything I use for my business, it’s yours.
  8. Access to all Jenn's current programs- The Academy, Accelerator, old nutrition group programs.
  9. The extra pair of eyes - Whether you’re writing an IG post, a sales page, copy… I’m here to help you improve your messaging by giving feedback for it all. 

  10.  Two all inclusive retreats - There’s nothing more powerful or transformational than In-person connection. Which is why we have two 3 day retreats so we can get together, learn, grow & evolve. Expect hot-seat coaching, business breakdowns, incredible guests. The stay, experiences, food and drinks are included. You just need to get there.

    I took all the pieces of my success, that I searched for in mentors and programs + put them together in one program.

What's your gut saying?

Here's what the process looks to move forward:

  1. Schedule a call!
  2. Be sure to answer the questions in their entirety
  3. We chat! This call has 3 purposes:
    First, for me to get to know you, your business, your goals and roadblocks.
    Second, for me to answer any and all of your questions about this Mastermind.
    Finally, to see if it's a good fit!
  4. If it is, I'll be offering you a spot. Intimacy + connection are the top priorities when welcoming a new member in and because of that, we have limited spots.

    I cannot wait to talk with you + potentially work together this year!
YES! I'm ready to schedule this call!