It's your time!

You have a drive, a gut feeling, a readiness to:

Impact lives
Live a life of complete freedom
Be your own boss
Create that business
Do it all

Maybe you've been following entrepreneurs, wondering "how".
Maybe you've been on consumption overload...
The freebies
Viral IG posts

But it's so hard to integrate alone.

You see the end vision of a thriving, successful business but the roadmap to get there is unclear.

Great news! You're about to have it all:
The vision
The mindset
The coaching
The community
The resources
The roadmap + blueprint
The foundations of it all.

You are about to have that freedom + business + impact.

Impact to Income:
The Accelerator will take you from feeling lost, and unsure to becoming a confident CEO as you launch, execute, grown, learn and start to make the money and impact you're meant to make! 

This 6-week Accelerated program will teach it all: Your messaging, Marketing, Leadership in the online space, pricing, money mindset, setting multi faceted goals and knowing how to achieve them, client acquisition, sales calls, growth, social media and more!


 Are You:

o  Wanting to start a business + help people but unsure how?  

o  Not wanting to waste years trying to do it all alone? 

 o  Wanting that financial freedom that you've always dreamed of?

o  Wanting the laptop work life of traveling + working anywhere?

I was right where you were at just 2 years ago- it's possible for you!

Hi! I'm Jenn- 

I created Impact to Income: The Accelerator for you, because I was once there too, not too long ago..

I was working as a teaching, with a gut feeling there was something else. 

I transformed my life + wanted to help others do the same.

I got certified and knew how to help, but knew nothing about business.

My money mindset was not set for success.

I tried, spun my wheels, consumed everything, yet had no direction and felt lost.

I took my first investment leap, 
put $8,000 on a credit card for my first coach (and didn't tell my husband)...

And now...
I've not only helped hundreds of men + women...

am making more in a month than I would have in 2 years as a teacher
I can travel the world + work from anywhere.

And we're living a life we once dreamed of...

all based on helping people.

And you can have all of those things too.

 Imagine this... 

(I'm serious- close your eyes and imagine this.. I'll teach you the power of visualization in the Accelerator)

  • Pulling up your bank account, making money helping people
  • Knowing what to do, how to do it, and it working
  • You owning a business and being your own boss
  • Loving life, being financially free all by helping people

Who would you help? Who would you be?
How would you feel? How would your life change?

 This is how your life can be...

I WAS MEANT FOR THIS (pay in full)

Your Business Success is Achieved Through 


Time to discover your leadership, your voice and lead. We are going to define your leadership, leverage your strengths and monetize them in your business. Together we establish your brand, marketing, social media strategy, story, vision, why, and more.


Time to nail down what you do, how you do it, how much to charge and confidently sell your services. You're going to develop a strong ass money mindset, and confidence with finances. It's time for you to completely step into your financial power!


Learn and implement your business strategies, systems, and processes to launch your business and start making money. It's time for you to build strategies for sales, growth, social media! 

What Else Does
Impact to Income: The Accelerator Entail? 

1-  6 weeks of recorded training calls, walking you through the step by step - designed to teach you HOW! 

2-  Recorded guest calls specializing in building businesses

3- A private community where you're connected, guided, and supported by other successful beginning entrepreneurs

4- Additional resources to deepen your learning and application
(social media trainings, pricing trainings, and more)



to start this business

to help people

to make the money you dream of

& to do it all with confidence.



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