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Offers & Programs

Can be found on instagram @TheJennKennedy .
There are many different ways to work together, and availability is best found there.

We can grow in many ways:

Live programs

These go deep into the different aspects that are necessary for personal, financial + entrepreneurial growth and range from 7 days to 4 weeks.
There's approximately one live program a month and options to bundle programs together to save.

Both short + long-term masterminds to really support you in your next level growth + evolution with mentorship and sisterhood.

One on One 
There are a few ways to work with Jenn 1-1.
VIP all access, Voxer coaching, VIP days.

Here's what we believe:

You are a powerful entrepreneur who leads themselves first.
You know what you need, you listen to your heart and intuition on what's best for you.
You make every decision rooted in abundance and aligned with your dreams.

& because of that, you always find yourself in the perfect offers best for your evolution + growth.

I cannot wait to work with you!
Xx, Jenn



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