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Impact to Income


The Academy will take you from debatably burnt out, misaligned, having your business run your life TO and the passion, purpose and excitement you started with. This hybrid coaching + teaching program not only brings your spark back, but takes you into complete alignment, monetizing your strengths + gifts and living the life you dream of while scaling your business.

This 12-week Accelerated program will teach it all:
+ Perfecting your messaging to attract clients
+ Stronger Marketing leading to easy sales

+ Becoming the known leader in your space
+ Bulletproof money mindset
+ Multiple revenue streams, no more only trading time for money
+ Setting multi-faceted goals and knowing how to achieve them

+ Adopting your own strategy to sales + growth
+ BEcoming that next level CEO


Impact to Income


The Accelerator will take you from that one idea, the gut feeling that you are meant for it all TO creating the business of your dreams. It's time to start the business, the become your own boss, to launch, execute, grow, learn and start to make the money and impact you're meant to make!

This 6-week Accelerated program will teach it all:
+ How to start
+ What's your messaging?

+ Becoming a leader in the online space
+ Pricing, sales, how to get clients
+ Money mindset

+ Client acquisition
+ Growth and more


Impact to Income

Next Level Mastermind

The Next Level Mastermind is for impact-driven entrepreneurs making 6-figures or more a year that are excited and ready to scale to the quarter million dollar, half million and beyond.

+ High energy, driven entrepreneurs
+ 9 months long
+ High level learning + implementation
+ Growth you’ve only ever dreamed of
+ Monthly 1-1 coaching calls with Jenn
+ 2 incredible retreats
+ … and so much more

This Mastermind is only open in January each year.

This group is doing the work that not many people are willing to do. They are unapologetic about their dreams and ready to achieve them all. They know the value of growing their network as they attract new clients. This is a community that will step into massive abundance with you. It’s important that we only accept those who are willing to do the work and will bring the high vibe energy we collectively need to take itto the next level.


Scale with jenn

1:1 Mentorship

You’re here because you are ready to move the needle each and every week in your life + business. You’re ready to say YES to more impact, the multiple 6-figures, the true freedom, the fun.

The 1-1 mentorship with Jenn is for online business owners, coaches + mentors who are ready to take their business to the next level and excited to take the leaps and do the work to get there.

+ Grow your impact through an individualized growth plan
+ Scale your income to the next level by strengthening your revenue stream and bringing additional ones in
+ Create your unique launch plan
+ Backward design your business year
+ Strengthen your mindset so you can become the entrepreneur you’re meant to be
+ Enhance your productivity + efficiency so you work less and play more
+ Build the life you dream of...

This is only for impact-preneurs who are ready to take their business to the next level and transform their lives. If you’re ready to go deep, lead with impact, take action, and truly live the life you dream of, inquire here!

Please note, that private 1-1 coaching is a significant financial investment in your transformation with a 4-month minimum. 

I truly cannot wait to connect!


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