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There’s a shift happening amongst spiritually aligned entrepreneurs
right now that we need to go through, it’s not easy, not pretty, but it’s necessary.
A shift FROM ego or money driven TO purely soul led.

The last few years, the desire to make massive money was big,
and because this desire was big; more attention was narrowed in on just that. 

Money became god,
Money became the driver,
Money consumed thoughts and drove emotions.

::: If money was coming it, what a great day it was :::
If it was “working”, life is grand. 

::: But if it’s not coming in :::
Fear, Anxiety, Frustration

So the driver became more and more ego driven, a need for money to fulfill,
prove, validate and activate a new level of power within. 

With this, eventually , external abundance was achieved,
but internal richness, aliveness that WASN’T TIED TO MTD revenue,
what a foreign feeling that was.

A breaking point was to be had and money could no longer be the driver.

And the questioning began:
Who am I if next month isn’t higher than this one? 
Who am I if my money wins aren’t showing the industry how good of a coach I am? 
Who am I if I let go of the conditioning of using money as validation and to activate new levels of power?

Welcome to the shift,
In this shift, you have to know the truth- 

As a spiritually aligned entrepreneur, you came here to be rich, 
to live the most epic human experience, 
to live in financial over flow and be in love with life

you are purely soul led, 
remembering what you came here for…
to change the world as we know it.

So it’s time lead what you came here to lead, 
with your heart and soul and unlock those new levels of richness within. 

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