This 5-day mini program is for the woman who strategically & powerfully desires to create the empire of her dreams. 

 Your highest months ever are complex... they happen with:
1- your full power of being the creator
2- your energy and your ability to hold massive amounts of money
3- your leadership and ability to rise into the responsibility of bigger
4- you being able to create irresistible offers that people love to buy

This is the program where we do all of that. 

You cannot make it to $50k-$100k months with 1-3 revenue streams.  
You get to rise into the Creatrix. The Empire Builder.
With power, ease and fun.

Throughout Offer Creatrix, you learn how to effortlessly create programs,
experiences and offers that are irresistible and that people love to buy while holding the energy of BIGGER and MORE.

You'll also be uncovering
How to price
How to position
How to experience the ease + FUN building a global empire,
changing lives and making so much money as a result!

This program is 5 pre-recorded trainings.
Lifetime access.
5 BONUS trainings were added to this program!


I am in my Creatrix Power!