Pulling Yourself Out of the Implementation Dip

Happy Friday Feels, Tribe! How are you doing? I’m not going to lie to you guys; I’m struggling right now. Winter is just rough for me! I go through this every year—I tell myself, ‘You’re gonna love winter!’ But then it’s cold, I miss the sun, and I get frustrated. That’s why every day, I have to literally reprogram my brain and just say, “No, you appreciate this.” And you know what? That process is amazing.

So here we are, it’s January 17th. How are you guys feeling? How are those New Year’s Resolutions? I know how it goes. You start strong, and then somewhere around January 14th or so, you drop off. Has that ever happened to anyone? It’s definitely happened to me!

That drop-off point is what I like to call the implementation dip because it’s when you run out the energy you need to keep implementing your awesome new strategy and motivation. Think of it like a roller coaster. You start at the top, right? Your energy is high, and you can’t wait to get started! Then you get going, and there’s this big rush of adrenaline and motivation, and everything is great and fun! 

But eventually, you reach the bottom. You hit a dip. That initial happiness and adrenaline fade away, and you’re stuck in a hole.

My question for you is: Do you have the tools you need to get out of that implementation dip? Do you have the community, environment, mindset, lifestyle, and habits to get up and keep moving forward?

If you’re my client, you damn well do! But if you’re not my client, you have to ask yourself those questions and consider where you can find the tools you need to get your ass up and keep moving.

Today, I’m going to offer you my best tips to help you get out of the implementation dip and live a life of true happiness, confidence, freedom, and abundance. Let’s dive in.

Step #1: Break Up Your Big Goal Into Smaller Goals

Okay, guys, my first helpful tip to get you out of the implementation dip and back into action is to make sure that your big goal can be broken up into smaller achievements.

We all have big goals, and that’s fantastic! Maybe you want to lose 15 pounds; awesome, let’s stick with that. Here’s the thing about that goal: you’re not going to lose 15 pounds all at once. You’ve got to break it up into smaller goals that you can work toward and achieve one at a time.

Make yourself a checklist. Let’s stick with this weight loss goal for a minute. If you’re trying to lose 15 pounds, maybe a smaller goal could be to work out five days a week. Perhaps another small goal could be to do meal prep twice a week. Write that stuff on your calendar, and literally physically check it off when you do them.

Here’s the thing: When we check to-do’s off our list, we actually get a little dopamine hit. We feel like we’ve succeeded, and our brains are like, “Damn! You did it, girl!” That little dopamine hit propels us forward toward the next small goal. And eventually, those small goals add up to your big goal!

When we treat our goals this way, we turn the whole process into a game for us, and we make it exciting. Don’t underestimate the importance of that! It’s essential to fall in love with the process on top of the results. We all want to see those great results, but if we can’t find a way to love the process, we’re never going to get there. So break up your big goals into small goals, and decide to make it a fun and rewarding process for yourself.

Step #2: Have Humans to Support You

Tribe, I cannot emphasize this enough: having a community that supports you is essential to getting out of the implementation dip and moving forward toward your goals.

I’ll be honest with you guys; I still struggle with this stuff myself. I have days when my mindset is just not where I need it to be. It’s true! If you’ve been keeping up with my Instagram story, you know it is. But I have mentors and coaches who pull me out whenever I get in a funk, and they are instrumental to all of the progress I’ve made in my life.

Of course, my husband is my number one supporter. He’s my rock, and he’s essential to helping me when I get stuck in the implementation dip. If you have a partner, that person is a critical part of your community support system.

But as awesome as my husband is, he’s not my only support. I also have a mentor who does an incredible job giving me the tools I need when I get into a slump. I called her just the other day when I felt like I was using all the tools I had and still not making any progress, and guess what? She gave me the tools I needed to pick my ass up and keep moving forward. Her support is critical to me.

Ask yourself, “Do I have the community I need to pull me up when I get into that implementation dip? Do I have the support I need?” If you go, awesome! Keep going; you’re killing it, girl!

If not, consider who those people might be in your life. They might be partners, workout buddies, or friends you call to hold you accountable to the goals you set for yourself. They might also be a mentor or a coach, and if that’s the case, you need to be prepared to put your money where your mouth is. To get the coaching you need, you’ve got to be ready to invest. And I’m not talking tens and tens of thousands of dollars, but enough money to stretch you. When you have money on the line, you’re forced to show up for yourself and go after your goals with all the energy you’ve got. So consider investing in a mentor or coach who can pull you out of a slump.

And keep in mind, the community I’m talking about specifically pulls you up. These are not people who pump up your tires. For example, when I find myself in the implementation dip, I’m going to call my coach, not my mom. I love my mom, but if I call her, she’s going to say, “Jenn, you’re sunshine!” She’s going to love me and encourage me, but she’s not going to light a fire under my ass to get me up and running. Find the people in your life who can fill those specific roles and rely on them to get you moving.

Step #3: Know Your Toolbox

The final piece of advice I have for you today is that you must learn what tools you have in your toolbox. Let me explain: These are things that fill up your cup. They’re the activities that just make you happy!

Here’s an example: My tools are going outside, spending time in nature, listening to music, laughing, reading, and journaling. Those are things that make me feel happy and re-energized when I’ve been in a slump. Even when I’m in that implementation dip, I force my ass to get up, go outside, and do something I enjoy.

Ask yourself what makes you happy! What are the things that fill your cup and make you feel ready to start tackling your goals again? It is so critical to figure out what those things are because they require taking action even when you don’t feel like it.

Here’s the thing: You have to take action because action is legitimately required for everything. So often we get caught up in this like, ‘Oh, it’s just going to happen.’ But no, you need to take fucking massive action for it to happen! And sometimes, that action needs to be taking a step back and forcing yourself to do anything at all that builds you up and helps you feel more capable of conquering your obstacles and achieving your goals.

You Are Worthy

If I can leave you with just one thought today, I want it to be this: You are fucking worthy. You are worthy of the effort. You are worthy of your goals! You are worthy of investment!

So remember to be gentle with yourself. Work hard, set big goals, invest in some good coaching, and get to know your toolbox! But don’t forget to give yourself grace. That’s what breaking up your big goals into smaller, more manageable pieces and taking deliberate action to fill your cup is all about. Take care of yourself, and use the tools I’ve shared with you to pull yourself out of the implementation dip when you need to.

Alright, I’m going to let you guys go, because you’ve got shit to do! You’ve got to pull yourself out of the implementation dip and crush your dreams. You’ve got to start living and confident and abundant like of happiness today!

Thanks, Tribe. I love you guys! Catch you next time.

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