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Happy Monday, Tribe, and happy holidays! I’m so glad you’ve chosen to check out the podcast today! Seriously, I am so grateful for each and every one of you. I am here to ignite your fire to elevate your health, your mindset, your business, and your relationships so that you can uncover the most strong, competent, badass version of you!

I’m especially grateful to you for taking the time to tune in to this episode right now, while the holiday season is in full swing! Now, I love the holidays, and I love wishing people happy holidays! But I know that this time of year is just absolutely crazy for all of us.

One of the things that annoys me the most is when people on Instagram or other social media say, “There are only two holidays! That’s just two days! You have plenty of other days during this season to get things done.” While it’s technically true that there are only two holidays, it feels like you still have at least two parties a week, right? You’ve got your work party with all your coworkers one day, your party with all your close friends from high school another day, and there really isn’t time to slow down until after Christmas!

All that craziness and chaos can lead to a lot of overwhelm. Trust me, I feel it too! In the midst of the holiday season, it can be too easy just to say, “Screw it!” and let our goals fall to the wayside.

For example, one that we talk about a lot is weight loss during the holidays. When our schedules are inconsistent, and we’re constantly attending parties and eating lots of fun holiday food, it’s challenging to stay on track with weight loss goals!

So today, I want to empower you. I want to empower you to take control of this holiday season and shift into a mindset of happiness and strength. I’m confident that the tool I’m going to share with you today will help you survive and thrive in this holiday season and throughout the new year! So take a deep breath and dive in with me!

It All Comes Down to Your Thoughts

Our reality right now is pretty chaotic. You’re running around doing a lot of shopping and attending holiday parties. You’ve got a lot going on at work — Q4 is wrapping up, you’ve got deadlines, hopefully you’ve got enough work done. It’s just a wild time of the year.

Or is it? 

Here’s the thing: your reality actually comes down to the thoughts that you’re thinking. And those thoughts drive your beliefs.

So, if you’re thinking, “The holiday season is so stressful. It’s chaotic. It’s too crazy.” That’s what you’re going to believe. And those thoughts influence the things you believe about yourself. If you think, “The holidays are stressful,” you’re going to believe that you are a person who feels stressed during the holidays. 

And this doesn’t just apply to your thoughts about the holiday season. If you think, “I’m overweight, and I can’t lose weight,” you will believe that you are a person who can’t lose weight. If you think, “I have too much debt, I’ll never pay this off,” you will believe that you will always be in debt and that you’ll never gain control over your finances.

That’s why mindset is so important. You genuinely do believe the things that you think. When you repeat thoughts to yourself, you manifest them into reality.

So your thoughts drive your beliefs, but let’s take that a step further. Thoughts drive beliefs, and beliefs drive actions.

So let’s apply this to the holidays. If you think, “This season is stressful,” you will become a person who believes that the holiday season is stressful, and you will act like it too. How does a person with that belief act? They make tons of to-do lists and drive themselves crazy trying to check everything off. They obsess about money and about how they’re going to afford presents for all their loved ones. They say “yes” to every invitation and worry about how they’re going to get it all done.

Does any of that sound familiar? I know it does to me! But you truly can trace those actions all the way back to the repeated thought that “the holidays are stressful.”

Think about how this might apply to a different example. If you’re a person who thinks, “I’m overweight and unhealthy. I’ll never be fit,” you will believe those things about yourself, and those beliefs will determine your actions. How does a person who believes they are overweight and incapable of becoming healthy act? They don’t exercise. They don’t eat healthy foods. They don’t buy clothes that make them feel attractive and empowered. They avoid social situations that make them feel insecure.

When you repeat the same thoughts to yourself over and over, they become your beliefs. And ultimately, your beliefs drive your actions. If you think negative thoughts, you have negative beliefs, and those beliefs drive negative actions.

Changing Your Thoughts to Achieve Your Dreams

But here’s the good news: this principle works in reverse too. If you think positive thoughts about yourself, you’ll end up with positive beliefs, and you’ll do positive actions. Your thoughts are a powerful tool, and you can control them. It’s up to you to wield that tool to make yourself into the most confident and badass version of yourself!

So how can you use your thoughts to cultivate positive actions instead of negative ones? For me, it’s about analyzing my life to see where I’m happy and where I’m unhappy. I look at each area of my life — my marriage, my finances, my business, my relationship with my parents, my body — and question my beliefs about each of them. And if there’s an area where I’m unhappy, I find a way to change my thoughts and develop some healthier beliefs.

Let me walk you through a specific example:

When I first launched my coaching business, I literally knew nothing about business. I knew teaching. I knew coaching. I knew how to guide people — I already had those skills I wanted to base my business around, but I had zero business knowledge. I’d never been to business school. I had no business experience. I just did not have the knowledge and skills to manage money and business.

As a result, my business initially had terrible results. I mean, I was coaching and following my passion, and I was genuinely changing people’s lives, and that’s powerful, but my finances were just awful. I didn’t have high monthly revenue. I had no idea how I would be able to turn enough of a profit to make a living just by coaching.

During that early stage of getting my business off the ground, I had a lot of negative thoughts about myself. I thought to myself, “How are you actually going to make a business out of this? You’re not a businesswoman. You have always sucked with money. How are you ever going to learn business?”

But then I realized: those thoughts were not empowering. They were the complete opposite of empowering. Those thoughts were causing me to believe that I could do it, my business would fail, and I was incompetent. So I set out to change my thoughts.

Our brains have something called neuroplasticity, and that means that we can literally rewire our thought patterns. I knew I needed to do that if I were ever going to create a successful business. I started telling myself, “I am a strong businesswoman.” I would close my eyes and picture myself as a businesswoman. I would imagine myself to be the kickass businesswoman I desired to be, and guess what?

I became that businesswoman.

My business became successful. In fact, I was so successful that I was able to leave my teaching job and work as a full-time coach instead. And today, I make more money coaching than I ever did as a teacher. 

I achieved my dream. I am a successful businesswoman. I have a business that works. I can manage the finances of that business. I make more money than I could have as a teacher, and I do it by doing what I love — teaching and coaching people to feel empowered and strive for abundance. And I did it all by changing my thoughts.

Overcome Your Limiting Thoughts

You can overcome your limiting thoughts and beliefs. I promise you can overcome the negative thought patterns that determine your negative beliefs and negative actions — even during the holiday season! 

I hope this episode encouraged you to step into your full power and start thinking positive thoughts, believing positive beliefs, and taking positive actions. Whether you want to improve your relationships, your body, your business, your finances, or anything else, it all starts with your thoughts. And you have power over your thoughts. You can literally change them! You can overcome your limiting thoughts and beliefs and become the person you want to be.

Thank you for joining me today, guys! I hope you feel empowered. I wish you all nothing but the best this holiday season. I am sending you so many positive vibes as you become completely unapologetic about living a life of true happiness, confidence, freedom, and abundance today and every day.

Happy holidays! I’ll talk to you later, Tribe!

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