Money Mindset As An Entrepreneur

Happy Monday Tribe! How is your Monday going? I’m pretty excited about mine! Wanna know why? Well right now, I’m sitting in my office looking outside at the beautiful Michigan fall — but next week, I’m going to be tanning on the beach in Tulum, Mexico! 

If you’ve never heard of Tulum, you’ve gotta look it up. This place is absolutely breathtaking. I first heard about it when a friend sent Pat and me a picture of it as we were getting married and planning our honeymoon. It looked absolutely magical, and it’s been on my bucket list ever since!

Recently, a friend of mine asked if I wanted to go to Tulum. At first, I thought there was no way I could go. We’re in the middle of selling our house and buying an RV — how the hell would I have time to go to Tulum with the mile-high list of stuff I have to do? Or so I thought... 

But Pat looked at me and said, “You better get your ass down to Tulum. Screw the list.” 

Touché, Pat. I knew he was right. I needed this. And so here I am, ready to go, and I’m so freaking excited. 

I’ll be recording some podcast episodes while I’m there, so get ready for some great stuff in the next couple of Mondays! I’m going to be telling you how I found the magical soul sisters that are coming with me to Tulum and how to cultivate friendships to help support each other in growth. 

Guys, I’m sitting here with such immense gratitude and such an abundant heart because I can do things like this! When a friend asks me, “Hey, you want to go to Tulum?” I can take a leap and say, “hell yes!” I can go enjoy time with my soul sisters in a beautiful place because I live a financially free and abundant life. 

I’ve created that financially abundant life, and it is my passion to help you realize that you can do the same. Yep, you — the awesome person who’s reading this right now. Trust me, you have everything inside of you to be able to create the financially abundant life that is now my reality! What’s the secret, you ask? I’ll tell you in one word: Mindset. It’s all about mindset. 

Today, we’re gonna talk all about the money mindset that brought me to financial freedom, and I’m going to share what you can do to shift your mindset to do the same! 

My Journey to Financial Freedom 

Guys, two years ago from now, I was no different than you. In October of 2018, I went to my first ever entrepreneurial self-development event, Angie Lee’s "Pays To Be Brave". It was my first time ever traveling and developing myself as an entrepreneur, and I remember at the time I was struggling so much in my business. 

I knew how to help people — I knew I could teach. I knew I could lead. I knew the amazing things about myself that would help me make my impact. What I didn’t know was how the hell to run a business.  

I didn’t know how to charge for services. I didn’t know how to run my social media account (what’s marketing?) I felt so lost — not knowing any of the basic steps to running my business. But when I attended that event, I grew so much. And when I got home from the event and worked with my first business coach, I grew even more. 

My business coach showed me that every single thing that I dreamed of was 100% possible for me. I needed someone to do that — someone to say, “You’ve got this. Let’s achieve it.” After that, I started to realize the critical truth: If I really can help people and impact them, I can live the financially abundant life of my dreams.  

Guys, this is me telling you what my business coach told me two years ago when everything first started: You’ve got this. You have the tools inside you to create an impact in this world. You can make the impact you need to scale your income and unapologetically live the life you want as a result. I believe in you! 

To get to the point where I was confident in my worth and ability to make an impact, I had to do a few hard, scary things. First of all, I flew out to California and paid $1,000 to go to my first event. That was terrifying! And you probably already know the story of how I put $8,000 (that I didn’t have) on my credit card to hire my business coach. 

After taking those risks, it was so exciting to start owning my worth and be confident in my ability to make an impact. I started to know how to make money and watched as that money was flowing in! I started to own my power and be able to charge what I knew I was worth. My clients were having amazing transformations, and I was so excited to be able to help them. 

But guess what? Even through all of this, my money mindset was not set up for success. I wanted to make it to the next level, but I didn’t know how to. I was making money, but I wasn’t sure where it went. Despite my initial progress, I wasn’t set up for the massive success that I dreamed of. 

Guys, this was all because of my mindset! I was still in a money mindset that was rooted in scarcity and fear, and let me tell ya — it didn’t get me anywhere. Are you stuck in a mindset of scarcity and fear? Don’t worry, you can get out of that. I’m going to tell you all about what that looks like and how you can kick it to the curb. 

Do You Have a Mindset of Scarcity and Fear?

You’re probably wondering, “How do I know whether I am rooted in a mindset of scarcity and fear?” Well, you have to know what that looks like! Here’s what it looked like for me — a constant voice in my head that was telling me that I wasn’t ready. I had dreams for a six-figure business, but my mindset was telling me that I wasn’t prepared for that level. 

I didn’t know how to “level up” my business because I was constantly telling myself that I wasn’t ready for it! My money mindset revolved around what I didn’t have. It was rooted in scarcity, lack, and fear. In order to fully step into a money mindset of massive success, I needed to examine the thoughts and driving beliefs that I had around money. 

It all starts with thoughts and beliefs. Your thoughts and beliefs drive your actions, which alter your reality. Shifting them can absolutely change your life! When I was finally able to examine my mindset, I learned that I could change it and step into my full potential as an entrepreneur. 

Guys, you know I’m always completely honest with you, so I’m going to tell you something that can be tough. It all comes down to one simple truth: Your money mindset right now is either set for success or failure. That’s right — it’s either programmed to be financially successful, or it’s not, and that’s the reality of the situation. So my question for you is this: Which one is your mindset set up for? 

Do you take 100% ownership of your sales? Do you invest in yourself without a blink of the eye because you know that the investment will come back tenfold? Do you have a drive inside of you to make more money, or are you just waiting until things feel “right?” 

These are the questions you need to be asking yourself to figure out where your money mindset is. Do you look at your bank account and cringe? Do you have a hard time managing money? Are you afraid that clients are going to leave you? Are you living in fear of not getting another one? 

If you said “yes” to those last few questions, then your financial thermostat is set to that of failure. I know that’s a tough one to hear, but you know I’m always here to give you the truth. I’m always going to be honest with you because I want you to live a financially abundant life! I want you to own your pricing and know your worth.

I want you to have a massive revenue goal that scares you but excites you at the same time because you have a blueprint to get there. I want you to effortlessly fill programs and fearlessly invest in yourself. I want you to live the life you dream of. So yes, I’m going to tell you the hard truths. If your mindset is set to failure, it’s impossible to have the success that you dream of!  

If you’re looking inward right now and realizing that you are stuck in a mindset of scarcity and fear, don’t panic! You can change that, just like I did! I’m here to tell you how. 

Four Things You Can Do to Shift Your Mindset 

So what can you do right now to shift your money mindset to one of success? I want to share four things you can do, starting today, to help you transform your money mindset into the one you need to make more impact on this world and attract more income as a result!

Okay, here we go. The first thing you need to do to change your money mindset to one of success is to be aware of how you are thinking about money. Pay very close attention to the narrative in your head and how you are reacting when money is involved. Are you cringing when you look at the prices on a menu? Are you constantly living with the fear that clients will leave you? 

Be aware of the way you think about money because the second thing you need to do is reflect on why your money mindset is stuck in scarcity mode. What did you feel around money growing up that could be running the show? What did you witness in your childhood that might have affected the way you think about money? Think deeply to try and find the root of your money mindset. 

After awareness and reflection comes step number three: releasing the thoughts that don’t serve you. That’s the awesome thing about mindset work — you can let go of the thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back! Think about all of the fearful limiting beliefs you have about money that are rooted in scarcity. You can let those beliefs go entirely. 

This leads us to the final step in changing your money mindset, which is welcoming any belief that you want to replace your beliefs of scarcity. Say to yourself: “I am a money magnet. Money effortlessly falls my way. I love money and money loves me. I am a million-dollar woman.” You can start by saying it out loud right now!  I say this to myself every day. 

It might seem silly, but it works! Remember, your thoughts and beliefs drive your actions, which drive your results. So what are your thoughts? Are they rooted in scarcity and negativity? If so, then change them! This is the only way to escape the mindset of scarcity that is programmed for failure. This is the way to financial freedom and abundance. I hope you decide to join me in having a money magnet mindset! 

Do Something Scary 

Tribe, your money mindset will make or break you as a business owner. I hope by now you can see how important it is to change yours to one of success. But you have to actively choose this. You have to take radical ownership of your mindset. You have to choose to leave the mindset of scarcity behind and embrace one of abundance and growth. 

Which mindset are you going to choose? I hope you choose abundance because it’s all possible for you. Two years ago, I was absolutely terrified to hire my first business coach when I didn’t have the money. Two years ago, I spent $1000 on a trip to California thinking, “What the hell am I doing right now?” Two years ago, I was scared to put something on Instagram and lived in fear that my clients would leave me. 

To get to where I am today, I had to do some things that scared the hell out of me. I had to invest in myself, even when I was terrified to do it. So if that’s you right now, I’m going to tell you to take the leap. Do the damn thing. Go to the event. Invest in a business coach. If you’re scared to even go out and get your nails done, go out and get your nails done because you deserve it! 

Do one scary thing with your money. But while you are doing it, appreciate the fact that you are busting through that fear. It was so scary for me to start making big financial decisions with my money, but I did it anyway. And let me tell you — I’m so glad that I did. 

Go listen to this episode, and I hope it helps you choose to have a money mindset of growth and financial abundance. Guys, anything that you dream of is possible for you. It is my passion and my purpose to help you realize that you can live the life that you dream of. You can live a life of financial abundance by growing your impact and scaling your income. You can set your money mindset for massive success.  

I love you guys, and I'll catch you next time!

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