Money Is Infinite, Optimizing Your Finances with Bridgette Boucha

  Happy Friday Tribe! What day of quarantine are we on? I have completely stopped counting and I'm still sending you all the positive vibes as we continue to navigate through these crazy times together!

This week, we are bringing you Episode 79 of The Jenn Kennedy Show and you are about to hear an episode that will transform your finances right now. In this episode, I have one of the most driven, caring, and loving businesswomen I've ever met here to share with you about what it looks like to pivot in your career, build your own business, and redefine success! Her name is Bridgette Boucha, and we met in Chris and Lori Harder's Fast Foundations Mastermind about seven months ago.

Not only is Bridgette just a powerful, badass woman, but with everything she does, she leads with service and a passion for helping people live the lives they want to live.  

During COVID-19, I've had a lot of time to think about what I desire and how I want to grow, and I'm sure you have to! While COVID-19 has been a time to slow down, it's also a time for massive transitions and pivots. I've had a lot of time to grow and evolve, maybe you have too? Maybe you've been out of a job and you've actually been considering a career shift. Or perhaps, you've realized your career isn't lighting you up and you are considering a major leap. Or maybe you are realizing you need to turn inward and prioritize your physical and mental health.

Whatever transition you find yourself in right now, I can assure you that Bridgette has some wisdom for you. She is someone who doesn't settle for a half-assed life — she is firmly committed to pursuing her passion and helping others do the same!

Who Is Bridgette Boucha? 

Bridgette is a seeker of expansion. As a CPA and a former corporate CFO, she realized after 15 years in her traditional corporate career that this path no longer served her. What followed was creative destruction, and she was in charge of the demo. The rebuild would require strength and inner work to figure out who she was without her professional achievements. Throughout this process, she had to redefine both failure and success, get scrappy with her finances, and step into the world of entrepreneurship with her head and HEART wide open. 

She founded The Betterment Project with one concept in mind: Make Measurable Progress. As a profitability coach, she helps small businesses and individuals optimize their resources to live in greater abundance. In her most aligned state, she is enthusiastically coaching, speaking, writing, and facilitating experiences designed to elevate women who have gone through career transition and are finding light on the other side.

When Bridgette made company CFO at age 30, she was elated. But about four years in, she started to question the fulfillment of her career. She had done everything right — followed the traditional accounting path, had all the right experiences, but something was off. She realized that she would have to make a pivot that was not only untraditional but also unpopular in her inner circle. But her choice to start her own business has left her more aligned than ever, and now she's committed to helping others make the same decisions.

Pivoting Your Career to Match Your Passion

Staying in one job forever is typically the easiest and safest option in our lives. It’s easy to stay in what’s safe and what we know. But as a leader, I have to give you this warning - it’s not the best option. In fact, it’s the worst option because it keeps you from becoming who you are meant to be.

Bridgette and I both went through this transition from our safe, easier jobs into entrepreneurship, and while we are thriving now in our businesses, it wasn’t always that way. When I left my 8-year teaching career, my family and friends questioned me and did not support the decision. One friend literally laughed in my saying, “Wow, there goes your two postgraduate degrees.” Yeah, safe to say we aren’t friends anymore. 

My gut wanted something different. Don't get me wrong, I loved teaching. I still love teaching. But my intuition was steering me into a different path than I had initially planned for. If you're feeling that same urge, I know it can be terrifying. You’re not alone. Bridgette shared what this career pivoted looked like for her:

"I gave a very extended resignation because I wasn't sure what my next steps were going to be. I knew I didn't have a job lined up. I knew that I wanted to work on my health because that had suffered some when [I was] in those high intense type structured environments … I was able to come out of that and do some more work on my health and figure out exactly how I would go back in and what value I could add to meet the demands of my clients and also really fulfill my inner soul." - Bridgette Boucha 

Not only did Bridgette quit her job, but she left even when she didn't have a fallback. She knew the essence of what she wanted, trusted her gut, and was 100% willing to take that journey to get there. If you're finding yourself in a similar situation, let Bridgette's example inspire you to take that leap. 

"It took me a while to really step out into my own shell and figure out exactly how I coached with my own style, and it's so much more fun, I got to tell you!" - Bridgette Boucha

By taking that leap, Bridgette was able to create a career for herself that 1) aligned with her passion, 2) allowed her to use her unique coaching gifts, and 3) created a huge impact in this world.. Now, she finds herself so much more fulfilled than she had felt after she made corporate CFO at age 30. Don’t mistake the message: CFO by 30 is an AMAZING accomplishment, but it wasn’t what lit her up, it didn’t make her happy. 

Lesson to take away from this: Don't play it safe. Don't live a mediocre life, when you can live a great one. 

Create What You Wished Existed in the World 

Bridgette created her dream business from scratch. She took a leap and built the parachute on the way down. 

"The business didn't exist, and I wanted to refigure out what would be the best. I wanted to kind of pluck out everything that I enjoyed, everything that I wanted to do, incorporate my own style, and package it up into a service and offer it … And I knew that in coming out and building my business, I wanted to create that experience for other people. I had been in corporate, I had been in meetings, I had been coached, I'd had consultants, I'd had all these people come in, and I wanted to be able to say like, well shit, I want to go back into businesses and fix what made me leave in the first place because it takes one to know one." - Bridgette Boucha

Bridgette literally built a business to fix the problem that she experienced while in corporate. She saw something missing, and instead of saying, "well, that sucks," she shifted and said, "let me change that." She created the change that she wanted to see in the world, and if that's not inspiring, I don't know what is.

"For me, the place where I feel I can add the most value is [my] financial brain. I've got a focus on wellbeing because I know [that] if you're not productive and you're not engaged and you're not empowered as an employee … [it] drains out on profitability the profitability coaching program is what I coined -- what I help businesses go through. And it's not just about money. It's about time, it's about people, and it's about money. If you take better care of those three resources, you're destined for long term strategy, not just the short game." - Bridgette Boucha

Bridgette gave herself permission to play to her skills and solve the profitability problems she saw in businesses, big and small. Guys, I'm not exaggerating this - if you see a problem in the world that your skills can solve, then you can actually solve it. This goes for a pre-corona world, a post-corona world, and even right now while we're in the thick of it! We live in a world where we can create anything and turn it into a business, not just for profit but for actual positive change.

Redefining Success and Failure

If you’ve decided to get out on your own and start building your impact and business to pursue your passion, we have to start with defining two important things: success and failure.

Maybe success used to look like five figures in your bank account. While that financial success will happen over time, it’s typically not there overnight. You have to take a step back and start to define your success on a whole new level, a level that’s larger than money. 

"Let's step back a little bit and say, 'let's redefine that.' What condition am I in mentally? What is my health doing? How is my body operating? Am I getting better sleep? Am I more aligned? Do I have more time to spend with family? When you're kind of in a different environment, you're using different parameters, and it's really important that we redefine those. Don't get hung up on just the revenue piece. As an entrepreneur, I got news for you that that rollercoaster doesn't stop. That's a constant grind. But if you love what you're doing and you figure out that you're aligned, you're going to keep going and pivoting and, and that's a whole different, different aspect … Don't hang your hat on just the numbers. Look at the rest of the picture. Get so clear on what the most important things are." - Bridgette Boucha

I could shout this from the rooftops. It’s incredibly applicable to what everyone’s going through with COVID-19 since the world has completely shut down. If you are healthy right now, you can use this time to find out what's most important to you. Redefine your success. If it's just money, then you're going to be disappointed. How's your mental health doing right now? Are you prioritizing healthy relationships? Are you taking care of yourself right now? What does a successful life look like and feel like?

So many times we say things like, "when I have that business, when I quit that job, or when I lose the weight, I will be happy." During quarantine, you can either dive into those things or make excuses. You can always find excuses if you're looking for them. Once this is all over, what will we wish we could have done during this time? Don't wish for it. Do it. Having a healthy body, a healthy mind, and a purposeful vision are all successes you can push into right now while other things are on hold.

"We gotta get out of our own headspace to be able to allow ourselves that permission to play and allow ourselves to create things without limitation. Cause that's where fear comes in and is like, 'Oh, I don't want to do that. That's too out there.' We are living proof, both of us, that good things happen when you put things out there." - Bridgette Boucha

Time is more expensive than money. You always make money, but time is something you can't get back. Quarantine is the perfect time to redefine what success looks for you right now and push into those things to make your life better, happier, and fuller. 

Why You Should Listen to this Bridgette Boucha Podcast Episode Right Now

There is no better time to redefine your successes and embrace your passion than right now. If your gut is pulling you away from your current career, then listen to it. Don't wait until it's safe because it's never going to be "safe." It's going to leap, and you might have to build the parachute on the way down, but people like Bridgette prove that it's totally worth it.

COVID-19 has impacted so much, from world health to the economy. If you're struggling with your finances right now, you should totally check out the free webinars that Bridgette is hosting about the best ways to optimize your finances and get scrappy with your money. 

You can also connect with Bridgette on Linktree and Instagram. You will find so many tips and tools that will educate you and empower you to pursue your passion and scale your income. Bridgette’s past experiences as a CFO paired with current business experience make her an incredible financial coach. 

It’s always my mission that these episodes inspire you. I hope this one helped light a passion and allowed you to make some positive changes happen, even during COVID-19. And as always, share this episode with your friends and tag @lifewithcoachb and @thejennkennedy if you loved it! 

I’ll leave you with this: You know that thing you want to exist in the world? You have the power to create that. Lean into your gifts, and let them empower you to be the change you want to see. I love you guys, and I'll catch you next time!

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