Life Lessons That Will Transform Your Business

Happy Monday, Tribe! How are you doing? Are you where you expected you would be right now? I’m definitely not! I was supposed to be in my new RV right now hitting the road, but instead, I’m currently sitting in my in-law’s home.

Why? Well, because life has not gone as planned in the Kennedy household over the last few days. When Pat and I officially moved out of our home on Monday, we were completely thrown out of any and all routines. Although we were promised that our RV was going to be serviced and done by Tuesday morning, Wednesday came around, and it wasn’t finished!

Tribe, have you ever been depending on someone to get something important done that was completely out of your control? It’s so incredibly frustrating and disappointing when they don’t come through. And most of the time, you can’t do a damn thing about it.

But when life throws you for a loop, there’s always a lesson! When I finally got to settle down at my in-law’s house and take time to reflect, I realized that I had learned some amazing lessons from the situation that I could carry with me into my business (and share with you all)! 

The three lessons that I learned over the past few days have changed me and the way I run my business, and I know they will help you so much too! They are simple but powerful, and I’m so excited to share them with you today. 

Get out a paper and a pen, and let’s get started with the three lessons that will transform your business and your life! 

#1: You Can’t Rely on People Who Don’t Have the Same Vision as You 

This one sounds harsh, but it’s so important to be aware of. The past few months, Pat and I have been working nonstop with the RV managers to get stuff done in a timely manner. We both believe in being kind and productive, so when the company promised us that things would get done, it was incredibly frustrating to have that promise broken continuously! 

This was a constant pattern. The RV company would promise us that something would get done in a certain timeline, and then they wouldn’t follow through. It was during these times that I was so grateful for Pat and his calm soul. He is incredibly grounded in situations like this, and he helps me stay grounded too. 

After being constantly let down by the RV service department at every single turn, the lesson finally set in — you can’t rely on people who don’t have the same vision as you. Pat and I had the shared vision of an amazing trip — driving to meet family in the RV for the first time while running a business from our new home. 

Our salesman and finance guy bought into this shared vision too. They understood it and were excited about it with us, so we could rely on them. But the RV service department could not understand our vision in that way. They did not have the heart-felt, inner drive, and connection to our vision that we did, so how the hell could we expect them to take it as seriously? 

So how does this relate to business? Think about the people on your team. If they don’t have the same shared connection and vision that you do, you can’t expect them to follow through and be as successful as you want them to be! 

For example, my first hire did not have the same drive and passion for the end goal as I did. She didn’t care that much about the mission of the company, so she couldn’t possibly approach the work with the kind of energy that would be successful! But now, I get to work with people that have the exact same drive as I do. They share the belief that anyone, regardless of their path, can live the life that they dream of. And that’s why everyone on my team moves toward the same common goal! 

It goes the same way for your clients. If your clients don’t have the same wholehearted vision for their growth as you do, then they’re not going to get the results that you want for them. Everyone has to be on the same page for growth to happen. 

So whether you are hiring right now or taking on new clients, keep this lesson in mind. People who have the same mission, vision, and drive as you will not let you down. But you can’t rely on those who don’t share that vision with you. 

The unpredictableness of the RV situation taught me that valuable lesson about relying on others. But it also taught me a second lesson, which is applicable in every situation where shit hits the fan. And that lesson is that it’s all about the journey. 

#2: It’s All About the Journey 

Tribe, I don’t expect things to go wrong. I always expect that things are going to go seamlessly because the law of attraction is absolutely real. What you see in your mind, what you think, and what you say those are the kind of things that you will attract in your life. (See Episode #110, Your Journey Happens for You, for more on this.) So, I always expect the best out of life! 

But the reality is that some things are just not going to be seamless. Life isn’t perfect, and sometimes it becomes unpredictable and crazy. And guess what? That’s okay! Because if things go wrong and we didn’t get the seamless outcome that we wanted, we got the lesson that we needed. 

Pat and I were displaced and didn’t have a home for a few days. We had no dog food, extra clothing, or clean underwear. But in all that, there was a lesson that we learned. We learned to stop, slow down, and appreciate each other. 

Even though I initially almost killed my husband about five times from frustration, I eventually learned to pause and appreciate that we were in it together. We got to problem-solve together and become stronger because of it. We learned to be flexible and adaptable. And we learned that when things go wrong, it’s all about the journey. 

Tribe, it’s so important to be able to respect that journey. Instead of complaining about what went wrong and being miserable, appreciate lessons learned from the situation. Look and see what other doors have been opened. 

Because of things going wrong with the RV, Pat and I were able to swing by our old house and pick up a package. We were able to see my grandma and my aunt and uncle today. I got to visit my mom again and spend time with my in-laws. There were so many little things that happened that we would have missed if we were on the road. 

So when shit hits the fan and your plans are destroyed, remember to appreciate the lessons that life is teaching you at that moment. It really is all about the journey, and you don’t want to miss it! 

But how do you find the lessons in the journey when emotions get in the way? Sometimes, it can be so hard to appreciate the journey when you are frustrated and unsure of what you need. That’s why it’s also essential to know yourself, which brings us to the final lesson — self-mastery is key. 

#3: Self-Mastery Is Key 

Remember how I said that I felt like I was going to kill Pat a few times over the past few days? I was frustrated and furious, but I was eventually able to control my emotions. I was able to take a deep breath and say, “Okay, Jenn. This isn’t how you want to act. This isn’t who you want to be.” 

Because I know myself and my inner thought processes, I was able to see that I was being my lower self and turn my thoughts towards being my higher self. I asked myself, “Jenn, who would your higher self be right now? How would she act?” And then I quickly changed course to try to be her. 

Tribe, this is the beauty of self-mastery. Knowing yourself — your thought processes, your patterns, your habits, what you need at a given time — is so crucial to success. It’s essential to living your wildest dream and making the impact you want to make on the world. 

This is because self-mastery allows you to determine what you need at a given time. For example, when I was sitting in a hotel room after everything went south the past few days, I found myself getting overwhelmed and frustrated. But after thinking a little bit, I knew exactly what I needed. I needed to call my dad. 

I told him that I needed his help, and he immediately put me on the calendar for that very day. We had an amazing conversation, and it was exactly what I needed to lift me up. After that, I looked inward some more and realized that my energy sucked. So I asked Pat to let me sleep in the next morning, and I felt so much better. 

I was able to figure out what I needed to be my higher self during the past few days because I knew myself. I knew that I needed a ton of sleep to thrive. I knew that my dad is the person I needed to talk to in that situation. 

This is why self-mastery is key. It allows you to ask for what you need and not feel guilty about it. We shouldn’t feel guilty about asking for what we need, but that is often the knee-jerk reaction that we have. Knowing yourself will allow you to get what you need to be the best version of yourself you can possibly be!

Discomfort Leads to Success 

Tribe, even though the situation with the RV was unexpected and frustrating, I’m so glad it happened. Because through that experience, I learned these incredibly valuable lessons that I got to share with you today! I’m going to take these lessons and move forward with them, using them in my business and my life in general. I hope you can too! 

I’m so grateful for every single aspect of the past few days, even though there was discomfort because there are so many lessons to learn through that discomfort. The more life that we live, the more lessons we can learn. And the more lessons that we choose to learn, the more we become stronger and better as human beings. 

The lessons that I learned were not only important for me as a human but were also so valuable to my business as well. Incorporating them into my business will help me to impact more people and make more income as a result. I know you can use them to do the same in your business! 

Go listen to the rest of the episode, and know that I am always here to support you. I hope this episode really shifted something in you. If it did, please do me the biggest favor, and take a screenshot of it and share it on Instagram. Post a screenshot, share your biggest takeaways, and tag me, @thejennkennedy. I absolutely love seeing when you are tuning in and getting value out of these episodes! As always, I am so grateful that you are here. 

Remember, if you didn’t get the outcome you wanted, you got the lesson you needed. I hope you can learn from these lessons and grow your impact and income as a result! 

I love you guys, and I'll catch you next time!

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