How to Make Your Life Amazing Today

Happy Monday Tribe! I don’t know how it is where you guys are, but it is absolutely gorgeous outside here in Michigan — there’s not a cloud in the sky. Which is a good thing because this quarantine thing has me hoping more and more for beautiful days to get outside. 

Who even knows what week of quarantine we’re on right now? Some of you may be thriving, some struggling more than ever before, and some on this emotional roller coaster that never seems to end. Wherever you are, you are not alone. Pat and I had a weekend full of learning and growth, and today I’m bringing you everything we learned and how it shifted our reality.  

I’m genuinely hoping that you have all of the health, energy, and happiness you desire in your life right now. That’s what I truly want for you. But if you don’t, that’s ok. Because that can change! That’s what we’re here for, right? I am all about igniting your fire so you can change what is needed to maximize your potential and elevate your health, your business, and your relationships. I want to inspire you to uncover the most strong, confident, bad-ass version of yourself so you can live a life of abundance.

Sometimes to live that life of abundance, we need to do something external. Maybe that looks like organizing your business. Or maybe it is taking control of your finances, becoming your own CFO. It could be having that tough conversation with your partner. 

But sometimes the thing we have to change the most is internal, like having that tough conversation with ourselves. This week on Episode 80 of The Jenn Kennedy Show, we are going to talk about mindset, and how changing yours can make your life amazing. Maybe you need to challenge your conception of time. Or you might need to change your perception of reality from one of negativity to one of gratitude. Whatever it is, we’re gonna dive into all of that right here, today. 

How the Concept of Einstein Time Changed My Weekend and My Mindset  

Ok, so there’s this joke that I’ve heard so many people make when someone asks, “What time is it?” And another wannabe five-star comedian says, “Time to get a watch!” Groundbreakingly comical as that may be, I am gonna tell you the opposite: “Time to get rid of the watch.” Time to live on Einstein time. 

Pat and I did a very deep dive this weekend. We completely lived on this so-called Einstein time. And it turned into an amazing weekend because of it. So you’re probably thinking, “Ok Jenn, what the hell is Einstein time?” 

Einstein time is a concept discussed at the end of the book, “The Big Leap.” It is based around the idea that time is a human construct; the clock is something that we have created to be an external force acting upon us. We live explicitly by this construction of time and its rules and seem to never have enough of it. Because of this, many of us live in scarcity and stress, slaves to an external force that we seem to have no control over. 

But what if we changed our perception of time as we know it to something that we do have control over? What if we don’t give a crap about what the time on the clock is and literally just live the way we want to live? This is Einstein time the concept that you are where time comes from. Rather than time being an external force acting on you, you can take ownership of time and use it to fit your needs!

Guys, I know this concept might seem really wacky to you at first. You might be thinking, “How the hell can I live without time? I would sleep till noon!” Or maybe you’re the kind of person who obsessively lives by the clock and needs time constructs to feel productive. As humans, we always tend to lean towards extremes. The key is to live somewhere in the middle. 

Let me give you an example by telling you about how Pat and I lived by Einstein time this weekend. On Sunday, we didn’t get out of bed. I woke at about 8:30, made coffee, and brought us some in bed. And then we literally laid in bed, laughing and talking about our gratitudes. I did a little bit of reading, and we played with Roxie until around 11. 

And then Pat got up and made breakfast. I stayed in bed and did some reading, and he brought me breakfast in bed (trust me that’s like a once every five years thing). We both enjoyed breakfast and then got out of bed and went for a walk for about an hour. 

Then we went outside and did all the yard work. I pulled all the weeds, he cut the grass. I went grocery shopping, cooked, cleaned, and then read for an hour at night. 

At the end of it all, we both looked at each other and were like, “Holy cow, we lived on Einstein time today.” We didn’t care what the time was. And the wild thing was that we weren’t stressed at all! The day just consisted of us going from one thing to another, and nothing felt like a chore. 

Normally, all of the yard work, grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning that stuff would all feel like chores. But it didn’t! We just did the things that we wanted and needed to do. And that was it. 

That’s Einstein Time. It’s changing the way you think of time so that you are using it to fit your needs instead of letting it control you and overwhelm you. So try it for a day and see what happens. It gave us a fantastic weekend, and we were still able to complete everything we needed to do! I have a feeling it will do the same for you. 

How to Change your Attitude from Negativity to Gratitude  

As Pat and I were going about our day Sunday living on Einstein time, our conversations mostly revolved about gratitudes and the law of attraction. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, the law of attraction is the idea that what you see in your mind, what you think, and what you say those are the kind of things that you will attract in your life. 

So essentially, if you are living your life with a positive mindset, you will attract positivity. Likewise, if you have a negative mindset, you will attract negativity. The law of attraction is why I don’t complain about the winter or any weather at all. It’s why I choose to see the positives in any situation, and I choose not to fixate on the negative. I want to attract positivity in my life and eliminate negativity. 

While Pat and I were discussing the law of attraction and what we want to attract in our lives and our relationship, I started thinking a ton about how much focusing on the positive can completely change a situation.

For example, when I was doing yard work and pulling weeds, I was thinking, “Wow, I’m so grateful that we have this beautiful yard to work on.” And I honestly could have so easily sat there and been like, “Oh my God, these weeds are fricking huge, and I’m exhausted.” I could have just bitched and complained. Because who actually likes doing yard work in the hot sun? Not me!  

But instead, I thought, “How cool is it that we have this yard?” Roxie was playing, and it was gorgeous outside. And guys I was actually able to enjoy yard work by focusing on the positives instead of letting the negative thoughts ruin the entire thing. 

I was able to practice positive thinking on Sunday again in an incident with Roxie. Pat and I were down by the river in the backyard when all of a sudden, Roxie bounds towards us, smelling like a freaking porta-potty. Pat hadn’t been watching her with the clicker we are using to train her, and she had somehow rolled in some type of poop. 

Obviously, not an ideal situation. I totally could have blamed Pat and been like, “Hey, you had the clicker. You were technically in charge of her training.” And a few years ago I might have done that. I would have been picking out everything negative Pat does.  

A lot of people in marriages tend to do that, to focus on the negatives and play the blame game. But instead, we chose to laugh about it and help each other wash Roxie off in the river. We chose to say “shit happens literally,” and move on. We chose to focus on the positive and turn the situation around to our benefit (and Roxie’s too!) 

 How To Make Your Life Amazing

And so my question to you on this beautiful Monday is, what are you focusing on? Let’s be honest with each other, this shit’s hard. Quarantine is hard. Life is hard. But are you choosing to focus on that? Or are you choosing to focus on the good? 

You are healthy. Well, you’re healthy enough to be reading this! Focus on that. Are you working? If you’re working and have a paycheck holy hell, you should be so grateful for that! If you’re not working because you got laid off, you should be thankful because maybe you hated that job anyway. Maybe getting laid off could give you the time to find your passion and get that started! 

So how are you choosing to respond to the things life throws at you? Are you choosing to focus on the gratitudes, the happiness, the Einstein time, and the future possibilities in your life? Or are you focusing on the shit. This is your choice. 

Guys, I want you to just think for a few seconds about how you want this week to go. And if a week is too much to focus on, think about a day. If a day is too much, focus on a half-day, focus on the next hour. You need to break your life down into fragments and ask yourself, “what do I want this to look like? Am I going to have a positive mindset or seek out the negatives?”

Because how you perceive things that is your reality. So if you’re going to perceive life with a mindset of positivity and gratitude, that will be your reality. But if you are going to wallow in the mentality of self-pity and negativity, the “life is so hard” mindset, then your reality will reflect that. 

I’m going to leave you with this: Use the hardships in life as opportunities to grow. If you choose to focus on the good, focus on your strength, and focus on all of the incredible things that you have, life is going to be good. And tribe, life can be so damn good. 

I love you guys, and I'll catch you next time!

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