How I Made $20k in Less Than a Week

Happy Friday feels, Tribe! How is the work-from-home life going for you? Here’s how mine is going today: I was trying to record this podcast episode, right?! And my husband decides to pop in and ask if I want a salad. Yep, that’s how it’s going. What can I say? 

Working from home has definitely had its quirks for all of us, but that hasn’t stopped amazing things from happening at the Kennedy household. One of those amazing things was creating a brand new program and selling it out in less than a week — hello $20,000! 

I’m so excited and I love serving all the people who jumped into the program with both feet! But all that success led me to thinking about YOU. Are you experiencing the success you want? Do you feel great about the impact you’re making? Are you proud of the income you’re earning? Because if you're like, “Jenn, to be a hundred percent honest, I want to make more money. I just don’t know how to do the damn thing!”, then this episode is for you. 

I truly believe that if you are an entrepreneur, you have the ability to create money out of thin air. Now, when I say you can create money out of thin air, I'm not suggesting that you rob a bank or do something shady. I'm talking about real money and real impact. Because here’s the thing: People pay money to have their problems solved. So, if you can help people solve their problems, you legitimately become a money magnet. 

But being a money magnet and creating money out of thin air isn’t unique to me, or something ONLY I can do. It’s something YOU can do, too! So, today I’m breaking down the exact steps I took to create my most recent program, craft clear and compelling messaging, and launch my marketing strategy that generated $20,000 for me in less than a week. If you’re ready to learn the individual steps I took to create money out of thin air while making a positive impact in the world, then keep reading! 

What You Need If You Want to Make a Lot of Money

As a coach, entrepreneur, or online mentor, your job is to solve problems. So, the first thing you need to know is which problem do you want to solve? Now, I don’t recommend trying to solve more than three problems at once because that gets confusing real fast! Your audience will be like, “What the hell do you do? Are you a life coach... a business coach...nutrition coach...?” Listen Tribe, confused people don’t buy. The clearer you are, the more money you will make. 

Once you identify the problem you’re going to solve, the next question is, how can you tell people about it in the clearest way possible? This is the biggest issue I see entrepreneurs making. They have an epic offer that powerfully solves a problem for their audience, but they're long-winded and confusing when they talk about what they do. Here’s what I mean: 

“Hey, I'm a nutrition coach. Fall is right around the corner, so you will probably be hiding in your baggy clothes all season long because you are not a hundred percent confident and happy in your body. You’re stressed out, so every night when you get home, you’re bingeing. As a result, your relationships are struggling. When you finally get to the gym, you work hard but never see the results you want. Let me help!” 

Do you see how many things I just talked about? I just talked about five to seven problems!!! That’s TOO many. The more things you talk about, the more likely people will get lost listening to your message. And, like I said before, lost or confused people don’t buy. I did not create $20,000 out of thin air by confusing the shit out of people. I made $20,000 in less than a week because I was clear and concise. I didn’t lose or confuse a soul. If I re-stated the previous pitch clearly and concisely, it would go something like this:

“I’m a nutrition coach who helps moms get their pre-baby bodies back without giving up their favorite foods.”

Which introduction did you like better? The second one, right? Of course! It was clear and concise. You know exactly what I do, who I serve, and the ONE problem I solve for them — getting their pre-baby bodies back. Now, I know that the journey of helping women get their pre-baby bodies back will include improved confidence, being able to send those baggy clothes to the thrift store, and better relationships with their significant others. But listing all those things doesn’t help me make money. Listing ONE thing — the MAIN thing — helps me make money. 

You can create your own intro by answering these questions: What am I? Who do I help? What problem do I solve? Your answer to each question should have one answer. If you’re having trouble narrowing it down, start with choosing one specific group of people you would like to help and make a list of all the problems you want to solve. Go back through that list and circle the problem you hear others talking about the most and the one problem you’re most excited about helping them solve. Pick one of those two things to be the problem you solve.

Now, whenever someone asks you what you do, you have a clear and concise one-sentence answer to give them (and if they're in your ideal audience, you might even make a sale out of thin air)!

Sell Your Solution Like Ikea Sells Furniture 

After you know the problem you’re solving and you craft a clear, concise way to tell someone about it, you need to sell the transformation. What do I mean by that? Well, when I launched this brand new program, I talked about the end result, not the journey, or the steps to get there. If I were a nutrition coach, I would talk about getting your pre-baby body back, and how happy, confident, and full of energy you will be when we finish. I would talk about how you're going to be able to rock your clothes and come home feeling so in control. And because you're in control, you are going to be powerful. 

What I didn't talk about were the weekly check-ins, access you’ll get to signature resources and meal prep guides, and how we’re going to walk through food tracking and macros that come with the program. Those are all things that would help get you to your pre-baby body, newfound confidence, and thriving relationships. But those things don’t sell. They don’t compel someone to buy. Transformation and end results do. 

Ikea has this down to a science. When I go to Ikea and get a brand new bookshelf, you know what they don't sell me? The shitty directions. Seriously! Have you guys ever put something together with Ikea directions? It's like a frickin’ puzzle, with words I’ve never seen before, and drawings that I swear to you look like my three-year-old nephew drew. Like, why the hell do I ever go to Ikea? Because they sell me the transformation. 

They don’t show us the directions on the outside of the box. They show us this nice, beautiful, perfect bookshelf that's going to fit all of our books perfectly. It's slender and sleek, and it's gonna be perfect in our office. Before we know it, we’ve got the bookshelf loaded in our car. 

We probably already know the directions are going to be shitty. But the end result — the transformation — is so compelling. So, you know what? We buy it. Shitty directions and all. 

Listen up, Tribe. I know you have so much more to offer than shitty directions. In fact, I highly doubt the directions that come with your program are shitty. But you weren’t put on this planet to hand out directions. You show up in the world because you can help people solve their problems and get them to magnificent end results. Sell the transformation and don’t the entrepreneur who sells directions. 

Clarify what transformation you will help your audience achieve with your program by asking yourself, “What kind of person will they be at the end of this program?” Here’s to being entrepreneurs who tell their audience about the end result — that thing our audience really really wants and will make their world so much better! 

Behind Every Dollar Amount Is a Human Being 

You all know that I think sales are amazing. I love money. Money loves me. I love making money. I'm a money magnet. And I have a strong, financially thriving business. But I believe I have all of this, including a brand new sold-out program, because my number one priority when it comes to growing my business is human connection and nurturing. 

If there’s one thing I keep at the front of my mind, NO MATTER WHAT, it’s this: Behind every dollar amount is a human being. And with every human being is an opportunity to impact someone. Make an impact, make an income. I believe this so deeply that I named my whole business off of this premise. 

So, if you aren’t making the sales you want to make and hitting the income you want to have, here are some questions for you, “Are you actually connecting with your potential leads? Do you actually care about the success of your potential leads? Are you over-the-moon excited about the human being on the other end of your video call, Instagram feed, or DM?” 

I see a lot of entrepreneurs who start to make money and then forget that human beings and transformation are on the other side. You can have the clearest and most concise intro on the planet, but if you’re not connecting with your audience like the real human beings that they are, you will never make the kind of impact or income that you’re capable of. 

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Connecting with your audience, celebrating the people who follow you, and genuinely being of service to them — giving them solutions to their specific needs — are ways you can show them that you care. 

The success of everything we’ve talked about today — your clear, concise intro, your solution-to-a-single-problem offer, and strategic marketing — comes down to this question: Are you excited about connecting with the human being on the other end of that offer? 

If you want to fill a program, nurture your audience day-in and day-out. Start impacting the lives of your followers before you ever ask them to buy. It works. I know it does because my whole marketing and social media strategy is geared towards making people's lives and businesses better. That's my job every single day, whether I'm filling a program or launching a program, bringing in revenue or not. And guess what? I don’t just fill up brand new programs I open up. I fill up ANY program I open up. 

As a heart-centered business owner and leader, our job is to show the hell up with useful and empowering content whether or not there’s a dollar amount on the table. And here’s what you’ll find that when you focus on human connection and authenticity: You will effortlessly fill programs because the people on the other end know damn well that you care and are going to change their life for the better!

Why You Need to Listen to This Podcast Episode Right Now...

I have to tell you about the most magical thing that happened. Right after I got off the first call of my brand new program, I cried. I sat there and just cried like a baby. Tears streamed down my face because I realized that I could solve so many people's problems and change so many people's lives. The income I make reflects that. And just to be clear, this is not about the money. It's NOT ABOUT the money. It's about the impact we get to make in other people’s lives that the money represents. The money is just a really cool, awesome, and fun bonus.

With that said, we're all here to make this world a better place. We're all here to change people's lives. We're all here to make an impact. And we are all here to do the work. The cool thing is that when you do it right, you get random $20,000 weeks and random $100,000 months. It's just what happens. 

I hope this helped you and that it filled you with confidence that you, too, can create money out of thin air as you go out of your way to serve others in a clear, concise, and powerful way!

If this episode supported you in any way, shape, or form, or moved the needle in your life and business, go ahead and take a screenshot. Tag me @thejennkennedy in the photo or shoot me a message on Instagram and let me know what you learned or loved about this episode because I'm here for YOU. Everything I do here is to help you live the best life and have a thriving business that positively impacts the world. So reach out! 

That’s a wrap, Tribe. I hope you have the most amazing wonderful weekend. I’m looking forward to chatting with you on Monday.

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