How Far Belief Can Go

How’s it going, Tribe!? Happy Monday! It’s that time of the year — Thanksgiving week! Black Friday is coming up, and I don’t know about you, but I’m planning to scan the sales for a new duvet. I’m hoping that I don’t go too crazy on Black Friday, but it is the right time of year to get cozy — so a duvet is where it’s at for me!

Guys, I know it’s Monday and the start of a holiday week, but I am fired up. I am excited for this week and I know you are going to go out there and crush your goals. This podcast episode is one big pep talk about believing in yourself and accepting the support of those who believe in you. I hope it’s one that you’ll save and listen to anytime you’re experiencing self-doubt. 

But before we get into it, I have some exciting news to share. Unfortunately, I’m not accepting any new 1:1 coaching clients this year. But don’t worry! I haven’t abandoned you. I’ve got tons of resources coming out to help you have a happy, healthy holiday season. I’ll tell you a little about what I’ve been working on and then I want to talk about believing in yourself. Too many of us don’t believe in our dreams. We can change that! 

Ok guys, let’s just dive in. I’m so excited for this episode!

Getting Ready for the Holidays

If you’re on my email list, you got a bomb of an email sent to your inbox this morning. I know so many women struggle with the holidays — with self-control, food, bingeing, and all that bad stuff. There’s a statistic that people gain seven to 10 pounds during this time of year, which is just insane. 

Although I’m not accepting any new coaching clients this year, I’m still here to help! I’m going to be producing a ton of content to help you completely crush your holiday goals. First things first: check out my Instagram, @thejennkennedy. There’s a link in my bio right now that will be up there all week with a healthy recipe guide. I’ve shared five healthy recipes for Thanksgiving that I know you guys will love! We made one of the recipes, mashed potatoes, last week for a Friendsgiving. There’s also a recipe for bacon brussels sprouts. Yes, real bacon brussels sprouts!

I also sent out a video to my email list talking about how hard it is to walk into Thanksgiving with a plan, and then find yourself surrounded by all these tasty appetizers. You end up bingeing on all this food and go home feeling disgusted, full of regret and disappointment in yourself. Guys, I totally get it. I spent 10 years of my life living that way every Thanksgiving. I know how many people struggle with it. This video should help. We talk about all the mindset aspects of Thanksgiving. If you are not on my email list and you want that video, can either email me at [email protected] or go to my Instagram!

And lastly, going back to Black Friday, stay tuned because I have a great deal coming out on Black Friday you won’t want to miss! It’s my first product that I’m putting out, and I’ve been working really hard on it. I sat down and asked myself, “For the women who aren’t working with me, what do they need? And for the women who are currently working with me, what did they need when we first started?” What came out of my head was three products that I’m going to be bundling together. 

The first one that I created is entirely about mindset. It’s literally a guide to overcoming your limiting beliefs and stepping into the woman that you are meant to be. It's freaking insane, it’s so awesome! I’m really, really excited to share it with you. 

Then I did a guide to nutrition. It will educate you on nutrition and on fat loss and on your body, helping you understand how to actually really lose fat. It won’t tell you to live your life based on BS that other people are telling you — ”Oh, you can't eat this.”

The last one is a movement guide. Fat loss obviously needs to happen in the form of food, but it also needs to happen in the form of movement. This guide teaches you how to move your body in a way that feels good and understand how fat loss actually works. It’s going to be awesome, I’m so excited to share these products with you! 

Find Your Tribe

Putting this content out into the world had me thinking about what it takes to reach a goal — start a business, lose weight, whatever it is. 

I had this AHA! moment the other day about my success as a businesswoman. So much of it has to do with my tribe and my husband. My support system is why I'm so successful in all of those areas. A year ago when I was building everything, the only thing that I really needed was for someone to believe in me. 

I had all these crazy, wild ideas and the thing that propelled me forward was the fact that I had three friends and the husband and a boss who believed in me. They made sure to tell me that they believed in me. Literally, my husband still tells me every single day that he believes in my dreams. 

I didn’t know it at the time, but I needed to hear that message so badly. People would give me a compliment, and I would deflect it because I didn’t believe in it myself. It was so much safer to deflect it than to just accept their love or their belief. 

Does this sound familiar? Maybe you’re that person who doesn’t believe in yourself. Maybe you feel like you’re not worthy of someone’s compliment, or you doubt how hard you’ve worked and how far you’ve come. 

Or, maybe there’s someone in your life who is like me. They can’t accept a compliment or they don’t believe in themselves. You could be part of someone else’s tribe. It’s so important to tell people that you support them. Everyone has fear and everyone has struggles and doubts. But if you can be that person, like I had, that person in the beginning who encourages someone else to keep going, that’s everything. The incredible thing about lifting people up is that we get to then turn and be that person for ourselves. 

Be Your Own Cheerleader

I’m going to be real with you guys: if I could go from a school teacher who had no idea what business was — in massive, massive credit card debt, not understanding how to manage my money — to the woman that I am today, then you can do whatever it is you’re dreaming about. 

I was a 20-year old girl who hated herself. I had an eating disorder, I couldn’t stand the way I looked, and I compared myself to everyone who I didn't think that I could be like, people I admired and thought were better than me. I told myself I wasn’t skinny enough, smart enough, strong enough, confident enough. I just never thought I would ever be this badass version of this woman that I am today, a woman who's running the show and is happy as hell and thriving in her marriage. If I can become that woman, you can too.

I know that sometimes the only thing we need to truly transform our lives and to live out that crazy dream that's in your head right now is someone to believe in us. Tribe: I’m there. I'm your person. If you want to send me an email and tell me, ‘Oh my God, Jenn, this is what I want to do.’ I will tell you that I believe in you. You can do anything that you want and anything that you're dreaming of doing.

Crush Your Goals

Guys, there’s a lot going on this week and it can be a stressful time. I know you can do it! When you need a pep talk, listen to this episode, reach out to me on Instagram, send me an email. 

I want to end this episode by giving a huge shoutout to my tribe! I had a huge morning this morning with the girls in my tribe at this grand opening event they were putting on. I got in my car and felt so happy to witness their success and achievements. I’m so incredibly proud of you and what you have accomplished. My heart is full because of them! 

It is my sincere hope that this episode helps ignite a fire within you to elevate your entire life. Go out there and uncover the most strong, confident, badass version of you. 

I am sending you so many positive vibes as you become completely unapologetic about living a life of true happiness, confidence, freedom, and abundance today. Have a good week, Tribe! 

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