Changing Reality with Your Thoughts

Happy Monday, Tribe! Welcome back to The Jenn Kennedy Show! My goal with this podcast is to provide you guys with the tools, tips, and strategies you need to increase your impact on the world and scale your income, and today I’m sharing my greatest secret of all.

Recently I was talking to a friend, and she was so complimentary and kind to me. She told me she was so impressed with the way I had built my dream life and created this significant impact on the world and made it look like it’s possible for anyone to do what I did. And I was like, “Well, it is possible! But why am I not having this conversation with my podcast peeps?!” I truly believe that it is completely, totally, 100% possible for you to have the life of your dreams. I’ve figured out the secret to creating the reality I desire, and you can do it too! So today, I’m sharing my biggest, most valuable strategy of all to living abundantly and creating the business, relationships, and life you desire!

Are you ready? Tribe, it’s insanely easy. Seriously, it’s so simple, and anyone can do it. It all comes down to your thoughts because your thoughts create your reality.

“Woah, hold up, Jenn,” You might be thinking. “You’re saying I can just change reality just by thinking?” Yup. That’s exactly what I’m saying. I fundamentally believe that our thoughts are the basis of everything in our realities, and we can totally reshape our lives just by shifting our thoughts. Let’s dive in and talk a little more about how this works…

Are You 100% Happy?

Let me ask you something: Are you 100% happy with your life? Are you completely and totally satisfied with every aspect of your life? Think about your business, money, relationships, physical fitness, and your emotional, mental, and spiritual health — everything that makes up your full life. Are you completely satisfied with all of those things?

Chances are, you can see some room for improvement. Maybe you’re mostly happy, but you wish you were consistently hitting five-figure months instead of four-figure months. Maybe you wish you were spending a little more time with your spouse or children. Or maybe you see something you want to dramatically shift — perhaps you want to lose 50 pounds, start a business, or have a baby.

I want you to know something right now: Whatever idea just passed through your head — whatever business you want to start, relationship you want to build or strengthen, or dream want to fulfill — every one of those things is possible for you. Don’t you dare try to tell yourself they aren’t!

It all comes down to your thoughts. Bottom line: If you think negative thoughts, you’ll create a negative reality. But if you think positive thoughts, you’ll create a positive, fulfilling, abundant, joyful reality.

Let’s say you want to scale your business and have your first six-figure year this year. That’s a wonderful goal, and I’m proud of you for owning your desire for that! But here’s the thing: If you think to yourself, “I can’t make that much money,” or, “I’m not  good enough at business,” or, “I must not be worthy of that much money,” guess what? You will not make six-figures in the next year. You just won’t. You’re thinking out of scarcity and lack, and the money you desire will not be able to flow to you.

But let’s flip the script. If you think thoughts like, “I am a six-figure business owner,” or, “I can learn how to scale my business,” or “I am definitely going to earn six-figures this year,” then those thoughts will become your reality. They will become true. You will create them simply because of your abundant thoughts, the money will flow to you naturally, and the whole process will feel effortless.

Still feeling a little confused? That’s okay! Let’s dive a little deeper and take a look at how this works:

Thoughts, Beliefs, Actions, and Reality

I’m going to connect the dots a little more clearly and show you how your thoughts actually create and shape your reality. Let’s start at the beginning with your thoughts. Did you know that 90% of your thoughts are subconscious? It’s true! You are not controlling 90% of the thoughts that go through your head every day — They’re just the ideas and emotions that have been built up in your mind through habit. More often than not, we’re not consciously thinking about our thoughts — They feel natural.

But here’s the thing: Our thoughts drive our beliefs. The thousands of thoughts that pass through your mind every day determine what you believe about yourself, other people, life in general — everything. So if you’re constantly thinking, “I’m not worthy of making six figures,” you will truly believe that you’re not worthy of that much money. But if you think, “I am a six-figure entrepreneur,” you will fundamentally believe that you are worthy of owning a business that brings you six-figures of income.

That’s why it’s so important to have thoughts rooted in abundance instead of scarcity and lack. When your thoughts are coming from a place of scarcity and lack, you’re going to believe that you are unworthy and that you’ll never live the abundant life you desire. But if you truly anchor into abundance, fulfillment, and happiness, you won’t be afraid. You’ll be ready to take leaps. You will fundamentally believe that you are someone who takes risks, makes wise choices, attracts money, and totally controls their destiny.

Here’s where this process gets beyond your head and out into reality: Your thoughts drive your beliefs, and your beliefs drive your actions. It makes sense, right? You will take action based on what you believe to be true. You’re always going to take action that aligns with your beliefs.

If you believe that you’re incapable of making six-figures, you won’t take the action necessary to make that kind of money. You’ll be afraid. You won’t take risks. You won’t take steps to grow and scale your business. But if you believe you are going to make six figures, you’ll take action. You’ll take the right leaps. You’ll hire the right people. You’ll build new programs, find new clients, and receive the financial abundance you believed was coming to you. You will create the reality of your dreams.

Do you see how this works? Let’s reverse-engineer this: Say you’re living your dream life — how did you get there? You took action. You did the work you needed to do to get there. Why did you take that action? Because you believed it would be effective. You believed and knew with every fiber of your being that you would build the life you wanted. And why did you believe that you were capable and worthy of building that life? Because you thought it. Do you see what I mean? It all goes back to your thoughts, and your thoughts ultimately shape your reality.

Change Your Thoughts to Change Your Reality

Okay, so we’ve drawn a straight line from our thoughts to our reality, but remember that 90% of our thoughts are habitual — meaning we just naturally think them, without actually considering what they are. So how can we change our thoughts so that they’re shaping the reality we want? I’ve got a few practical tips you can start using today to change your thoughts and transform your life.

#1: Write Your Thoughts Down

Guys, I do this one myself every day. At the end of the day, I write down the thoughts I’ve been having about myself, my business, and anything else I’ve been thinking about during the day. The most important first step you can take in this process is simply building awareness of your thoughts, and writing them down is a perfect way to do that.

#2: Share Your Thoughts with Someone Else

Once you’ve written them down, it’s a great idea to share your thoughts with someone else. This is all about accountability — If you share your thoughts with someone else, that person can hold you accountable. They can call you out if you start reverting back into negative thought patterns, and they can encourage you to believe positive things about yourself and your future.

Personally, I’ve always read my thoughts out to my husband. I write them down at night and read them to him in the morning, every day. Every morning Pat is like, “Yes, Jenn, I know you’re going to be a New York Times bestselling author,” and I’m like, “Yup. I am.” Am I working on a book? Not yet. But I know I’m going to become a bestselling author one day, and Pat knows it too.

#3: Turn Your New Thoughts into Affirmations

The final tip I have for you today is this: Once you’ve figured out what your new thoughts need to be, turn those thoughts into positive affirmations and repeat them to yourselves throughout the day. Affirmations are just things that you say, and you affirm their truth. If you repeat positive affirmations to yourself throughout the day, you will reinforce those thoughts and create new habits and patterns of thinking in your mind.

So, for example, if ever I started to doubt my worth as a businesswoman, I would repeat this affirmation to myself: “I am a six-figure woman.” Then, when I hit six-figures in my business, I would say, “I am a quarter-million-dollar woman.” And when I reached a quarter-million, I’d say, “I am a half-million-dollar woman.” Each time I would level-up my expectation for myself, change my thinking, and ultimately reach my goal.

Pass the Lesson On

Guys, I hope you enjoyed this episode today. I hope it empowered you to take control of your thoughts and start reshaping your reality. The truth is, you have the power to create whatever life you want for yourself — it all comes down to your thoughts, and you can take control. You can start right now!

If you found this episode valuable, I’d love it if you’d share it on Instagram. Post a screenshot, share your biggest takeaways, and tag me, @thejennkennedy. Also, I’d appreciate it if you could leave me a five-star review over on Apple Podcasts. Seriously, I read every single review, and I cry out of gratitude every time. I appreciate your reviews so much!

But more importantly than all that, I hope you’ll pass this lesson on to someone else who needs to hear it. Remember: Your thoughts drive your beliefs, your beliefs determine your actions, and your actions create your reality. Share that knowledge with someone today! When you teach someone else, the lesson is solidified in your own mind, and you’re that much more likely to implement the wisdom in your life. So start sharing the message, encourage your friends and family to continue spreading it, and let’s all start living our dream lives.

Thank you so much, Tribe! I’ll talk to you on Friday!

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