Are You Paralyzing Yourself?

Happiest of happy Mondays, Tribe! You know that one of my main jobs during this COVID-19 outbreak is to be a light. We have a lot of shit happening around us, and a lot of it is entirely out of our control. But guess what? We have the ability to completely reframe our lives and change our perspectives during this pandemic. 

This is exactly why I’ve been dropping around two to three episodes per week — a lot of the media in the world right now is negative, and understandably so — there’s a lot of negative stuff going on. But if we don’t take a break from the negativity and recenter ourselves, then that fear is going to become our everyday reality. It will drive us up the wall. 

I am determined to put things into this world that you can consume that will have the oppositive effect. Today on Episode 75 on The Jenn Kennedy Show, we’re going to talk about fear and how to keep it from controlling us. Instead of creating fear, I want to bring you content that will bring you light, put a smile to your face, and help you say goodbye to fear and anxiety. Let’s go! 

The Paralyzing Effect of Fear 

Before we get into how we can combat fear, I want to take a moment and discuss what fear actually does to us, besides putting that icky feeling in our stomachs. We can get fear from a lot of different places — fear of the economy declining, fear of your job, fear of COVID-19, fear of your relationship status, etc. And when we let these fears control us, we let them paralyze us. 

Every choice that we make begins to be driven by fear. We’re no longer in control of our actions. Anxiety levels reach an all-time high, and we stop moving forward. When we stop growing, it’s like we’ve stopped living. We always need to be growing into the future versions of ourselves — our highest selves. We all have a higher purpose, and to fulfill that purpose, we must grow and evolve.

Tribe, we are meant to be happy. Often, our bodies have a physical reaction to fear and anxiety. It’s not how we are meant to live. We are meant to keep moving forward each and every day. And when we are caught up in fear, anxiety, and worry, we can literally not do that. You cannot step into your power when fear is running yourself life. An anxious life is not a fulfilled life.

Why We Need to Have Conversations About Fear and COVID-19

With COVID-19 on the rise, we have to be extra careful to not let this anxiety overpower us. Right now, the media is saturated with terrorizing headlines, and if you didn’t know better, you’d think that the world was ending. 

How long are you going to let the fear paralyze you? While new information is being released every day, most people who contract COVID-19 will only have normal cold symptoms. Like I could have it right now — I’m a little sniffy, and I’m freaking tired, but I’m not going to let the fear of me getting this virus run my life. That doesn’t mean I won’t be careful — absolutely, we need to take this seriously, especially for those who are high-risk! But we don’t need to let the fear of getting COVID-19 control our lives. 

Now I will tell you, I gave myself about 5 to 10 minutes of feeling fearful and panicked. I came home from California last week, and I sat there with my husband Pat, an adjust plained plain panicked. What if I get it? What if we both get it? What if we both have to go to the hospital? What would we do with Roxie? What would we do financially? 

So Pat and I talked for a while, and we came up with the plan. If one of us had it, this is what we would do. If both of us got it, then this is what we would do. It came up with multiple plans for different scenarios. And guess what? After about ten minutes, the fear was gone. And it’s never coming back because not only am I not fearful of it, I know we have a plan, and I truly have faith that we will be fine. 

We had that conversation, and I needed to have that conversation to ease the fear. If you don’t address the fear, then it just builds inside of you and multiplies. So first, if you’re feeling fearful right now, with COVID-19 or anything else, don’t ignore that. I encourage you to talk about your fears with someone you can trust — it always helps to have an outside perspective. If left to ourselves, our fears love to make themselves bigger than they actually are. 

Don’t Focus on the Worst-Case Scenario

Growing up, I was completely paralyzed by fear — about everything. I’d be afraid when my mom left the house, and I was home alone. I would be afraid we were going to run out of money, and I was afraid my friends wouldn’t like me. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to get into college. And guess what, guys? About 90% of the shit I was afraid of never actually happened. And I find that this same fact is true in my life today.

So my question for you is, “What are you fearing right now that is paralyzing you?” And my other question is, “Is that thing going to happen? Realistically?” If the worst possible scenario isn’t going to happen, then it has no place in your life. It does not have the permission to take your happiness, confidence, and power. 

Are you letting something that has a 90% chance of not happening stop you from living the life you want to live? Are you letting that thing keep you from your dreams and having a happy life? Are you giving it that permission? Because if you are, that comes down to you. You are the one who chooses if you want fear and anxiety to run the show. 

You Have the Power to Let Go of Fear 

Part of being a strong, confident, bad-ass, thriving, empowered person is owning that YOU are the one in the driver’s seat. No matter what the external circumstances are - whether it’s COVID-19, or you’re worried about binging on chocolate cake - you have the power inside of you to turn that fear around. 

Are you using that power? And if not, why aren’t you? What’s holding you back? You have the ability to shift your perspective and create positive change in your present life for your future self. 

Tribe, I’m going to leave you with that nugget because I really want you to sit here and reflect. I could go on for days about fear and how it’s our default reaction to any negative situation. But that would be a whole other podcast episode, so we’ll get to that later. For right now, I just want you to do some soul searching. 

Your life is meant for better things. That’s for damn sure. If you love this episode and it’s helped you during this time, do me the biggest favor ever and share this message with someone you know needs to hear it. My job right now is to be a light during this entire thing, and you all can be lights in this time too.

Tag me @thejennkennedy in your screenshots and let me know what your biggest takeaway is — I LOVE seeing you guys on social media, and I am here to support each and every one of you on your journey to an abundant life. 

You have a choice: You can let fear take control, or you can be in charge. What are you choosing? 

I love you all! Catch you next time! 


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