Becoming THE Million Dollar Woman 

It has been said that only 2%-4.2% of all women-owned businesses have revenues of 1 million or more. 

But here's what's crazy about the world we are living in now...

More and more women are creating million dollar businesses
each and every month, every year.

These women aren't an anomaly, they aren't rare... they are trailblazers.

Paving the way of what's possible as women in this world.

Showing how successful an impact-driven business can be.

Taking the money and doing extraordinary things in the world. 

This is the 3-day experience where we break down and teach
 to become a million dollar woman.

The journey,
the lessons,
the healing,
the evolution.

Yes, there is strategy.

Yes, there are aligned actions.

But doing more doesn't get you to $1,000,000.

The secrets lay in universal laws.

The keys are found in embodiment.

& for the first time ever, you're learning it all.

Becoming the Million Dollar Woman cannot happen without expansion,
and this is the program where we dive into it all.

This 3 day experience is pre recorded. 
Lifetime access is granted.

I am ready!